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Sattvic Rolled Oats 1 Kg

Rolled oats are whole oat groats that have been de-husked, steamed, and then rolled into flakes. These are usually the main ingredients for granola and muesli.

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Product Description

Rolled oats have always been the major sources of fibre and protein. Beta-glucan being the special kind of fibre present in it helping into several benefits.


Sattvic foods rolled oats contains completely gluten free, rich in fibre, flaked as whole grain rolled oats to make them completely rich in minerals, iron, calcium, protein and dietary fiber. It contains no additives or chemicals. It contains vitamin E, B1, B2, zinc, selenium, copper, silicon, manganese and phytochemicals (naturally occurring chemicals found in plants).


  1. Best breakfast for athletes
  2. Rich source of protein
  3. Anti-ageing properties
  4. Prevents diabetes
  5. Boosts immunity
  6. Good for weight loss
  7. Lowers high cholesterol
  8. Perfect baby food
  9. Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer
  10. May prevent constipation
  11. Good for healthy nervous system
  12. Helps in development of strong bones and teeth
  13. Good for skin

How to Consume?

One can always obtain delight from the rolled oats in muesli, porridge, granola, oat biscuits, bread,energy bars, pancakes, apple crumble, burgers, and what not. Keep experimenting with oats for their amazing benefits and taste. They won't let you down in terms of health benefits ever.

About The Brand:

Sattvic foods offer the largest variety of gluten free foods specially made for vegans. They prepare stuff with a promise of quality and service. Complete satisfaction of its customers is the number onepriority on their list.

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Sattvic Rolled Oats 1 Kg Sattvic Rolled Oats 1 Kg
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