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Jewel Farmer Hazelnuts 200 gm

Hazelnuts, also known as filbert nuts or cobnuts depending on their species, are produced by hazel trees, which grow in temperate climates in many parts of the world, although they are native to Europe and Asia.

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Product Description

Jewel Farmer Hazelnuts are rich in minerals, particularly in manganese, selenium and zinc. The minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium from hazelnuts help to lower cholesterol.


Jewel Farmer Hazelnut’s nutritional benefits are: Energy 653kcl, Total Fat 58.70g, Total Protein 12.30g, Saturated Fat 30.10g, Poly Unsaturated Fat 8.38g, Mono Unsaturated Fat 19.55g, Total Carbohydrate 18.90g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Potassium 580mg, Dietary Fiber 8.8g, Trans Fat 0mg, Calcium 10%, Iron 25%, Magnesium 355mg, Phosphorus 690mg, Gluten 0mg, Antioxidants ORAC 3.19mmol, Omega 3 ALA 4.35g, Omega 6LA 12.39G, Sugar 2.35g. 


  • Rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid), 
  • High in magnesium
  • High in calcium (good for bones )
  • Rich in vitamins B and E. 
  • Help reduce the risk of cancer, 
  • Aids in muscle growth
  • Maintains skin, bone, joint and digestive health. 

How to Consume?

Prepared foods, such as roasted hazelnuts, often contain added salt, which contributes to the high sodium content in the standard American diet. You can also use them raw as a snack, or add them to muesli. Hazelnuts are also used in cakes or crumble toppings. Also, ground them finely to make flour for baking.

About The Brand:

Jewel farmer provides its customers the best organic materials which are nutritious and healthy. Its main focus is onto providing its customers the jewels of fresh handpicked products by the hard work of farmers. This company provides their products completely authenticated and almost fresh.

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Jewel Farmer Hazelnuts 200 gm Jewel Farmer Hazelnuts 200 gm
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