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Pure & Sure Palm Sugar (500 gms)

Palm Sugar- Nutritious Natural Sweetner - Extracted from palm neera, the sweet sap of the cut flower buds of palmyra palm trees. Its glycemic index is low & it is a rare plant source of vitamin B12.

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Product Description

After intense research, we are proud to present Ecobuddy’s Powdered, Certified Organic, Instantly dissolvable Palm Sugar.

The following are advantages of palm sugar when compared with other (natural) sweeteners and other forms of Palm Sugar:

  • Easily and instantly dissolvable in any liquid or semi liquid.
  • Easy to measure.
  • Not sticky, no need for scrapping or melting, easy to use.
  • Easy to store. Doesn’t go bad even stored for years together when stored in air tight containers.Does not need refrigeration.
  • it does not contain any harmful substances or coloring agents. No chemicals are used during powdering nor is any bleaching involved as in the case of white sugar.
  • Powder form makes Palm Sugar as an ideal sweetener for Pastries ! Cakes and Cookies made out of Palm Sugar is possible because of its powder form !
  • It can be readily used with Coffee, Tea, Milk puddings sweets etc like white sugar

Palm tree was originally found in Africa from where it spread to India and other eastern countries.It is found in Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. At present, there are about 7 to 8 crore palm trees in India, half of which are located in the state Tamil Nadu, which celebrates this tree as its state tree!

In India, especially in the southern part, for many thousands of years, Palm tree has played a major role in agriculture and handicraft. From its root to pith to its tender leaves each part has immense use.
A Tamil poem called ‘Thalavilasam’ written byThirukudanthai Arunachalam, portrays the 801 uses of this tree, which shows how elaborately this tree has influenced ancient India!

Palm sugar was one of the important export item from India a few centuries ago when the East India Company was functioning in India.
Till, about 150 years ago, until British induced the influx of white cane sugar, palm sugar was the staple sweetener used by Indians. Because of Palm Sugar’s rich calcium, iron and vitamins, the bone strength and general health of people was good. After the change in this food habit, the Indian population fell into severe malnutrition and anemia. Today every 3rd malnutritioned child is an indian child. 3 out of 5 indian women living in village is anemic.

Drinking Palm Neera used to be the break fast of Indians during the flowering season of the tree. Looking at the nutrition it adds everyday, off the flowering season, people didn’t want to loose the advantage. So they condensed palm neera into palm sugar and started consuming everyday with hot and cold drinks like ‘paanagam’. In many places the habit of eating a bit of palm sugar before drinking water anytime, existed! 

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Pure & Sure Palm Sugar (500 gms) Pure & Sure Palm Sugar (500 gms)
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