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24 Mantra Organic Sugar 500 gm

24 mantra brings to you organic sugar that is perfect for every health-conscious person who cares for natural products. Organic sugar is a product of organic farming. A special variety of sugarcane is cultivated with no chemical treatment i.e. without the use of chemical fertilizer, insecticide and pesticide.

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Product Description

To grow organic sugar cane organic manure like dung or compost is used. 24 mantra ensures that customers get the best quality natural and pure organic sugar. This organic sugar is absolutely pure because even for processing, vegetable clarification agent and herbal extracts are used to clean the sugar. Only 40 percent sugar can be produced from such brown sugarcane. 


Calories-384 kcal,Total Fat-0 g, Saturates-0 g,Transfat-0 g, Cholesterol-0 mg, Sodium-28 mg,Carbohydrates-99 gFibre-0 g,  Sugar-99 g, Protein-0.12 g, Vitamin A-0, Vitamin C-0, Calcium-0, Iron-0 


·         Lack of Pesticides

·         Various Nutritional Benefits:When organically processed, the organic unrefined sugar contains 17 amino acids, 11 minerals (such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron), and 6 different vitamins.

·         Therapeutic Properties

·         Treatment of Febrile Disorders:Tropical sugarcane is naturally rich in carbohydrates and iron which makes it beneficial to boost energy in patients with low energy stores. With its natural sugars, minerals, and organic acids, sugarcane strengthens many organs, including but not limited to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and eyes.·

How To Consume?

Organic cane sugar is unrefined sugar minus the cancer-causing and environmentally damaging pesticides present in conventionally grown sugarcane. Organic sugar can me consumed in various forms, ranging from day to day food item to milkshakes or smoothies. Hence, providing a beneficial use to a diet. 

About The Brand:

24 Mantra (Sresta) began with a unified, overarching purpose to change lives and do our bit for the country’s march towards a healthy future. Passionate about organic foods, they want you and your family to have better, chemical and pesticide-free options. They want farmers to have a sustainable living, a better planet. In fact, they want you to live an organic life.

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24 Mantra Organic Sugar 500 gm 24 Mantra Organic Sugar 500 gm
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