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24 Mantra Flax Seed 200 gm

Flax Seeds: Flax seeds are known to have been cultivated since 3000 BC. Research shows that lignan present in flax seeds may help in fighting cancer.

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Product Description

Substitute your unhealthy snacks with healthy and organic recipes to give a power boost to your body and mind. These crunchy seeds can be added to your daily meals to add vital vitamins and minerals to your diet. Flax seeds from 24 Mantra are a crunchy, nutritious and healthy food supplement that is very rich in fibre, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are great immunity-boosters and provide essential building blocks for the well-being of heart, body and mind

Ingredients - 24 Mantra Flax seed 200gms

Flax seeds
Benefits - 24 Mantra Flax seed 200gms

Flax seed is a superfood and is known for its many nutritional and medicinal benefits such as high level of anti-oxidants and a lower glycemic inde value. It's a great mix-in food and a great source of protein and fiber. Whether you are an active gym-goer or want to have a balanced diet, Flax seeds are an indispensable dietary staple for you

How to Consume - 24 Mantra Flax seed 200gms

You can add flax seeds to your favorite tuna, chicken or mixed green salad recipe for crunchiness delight. You can add these seeds to scrambled eggs for a unique taste and texture. You can also sprinkle these nutty power-punches on your daily cereals

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24 Mantra Flax Seed 200 gm 24 Mantra Flax Seed 200 gm
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