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Health First Ground Flaxsed Powder 150 gm

Ground Flaxsed Powder

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Product Description

Flaxseed powders are packaged in individual air-tight packets/sachets, keeping the product fresh rich in Omega-3. This superior grade powder is a product of dedication to freshness by selected premium, certified organic seeds. The use of scrupulous production standards and is available in pack of freshly ground flaxseed powder in easy to use vacuum sealed sachets to maintain freshness. Powder provides all nutritional aspects of the seed.


Health First Flax Seed Powder contain lignans and omega 3- fatty acids. No preservatives added. Made from roasted flax seed to give it a nutty flavour. High in fibre. No preservatives added.


Open a packet and stir powder into a glass of water, juice, or milk. It may be sprinkled over salad, yogurt, cereal too. It has several benefits of its own and they include:

 Increase water intake with use.

 Lowers cholesterol and promotes weight loss

 Healthy for skin and hair

 High antioxidants in lignans and has cancer protective properties

 Helps with menopause symptoms

 Reduce blood pressure and treats hypertension

 Protect against cancer such as skin, colon & prostate.

 Has Antidepressant properties

 Aids digestion

Who Should Consume?

Women suffering from reproductive issues can consume this wonder seed. People suffering from stress and depression, digestion problems, cancer can use it.

About the brand:

Health first Foods is one of the top most organic food brands who produce products using 100% natural resources. They don't add preservatives and chemicals and keep their products as much as natural. Their products are great for regular use.

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Health First Ground Flaxsed Powder 150 gm Health First Ground Flaxsed Powder 150 gm
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