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Vedanta Aloe vera Juice 500 ml

Vedanta Aloe vera Juice 500 ml is pure certified Aloe vera Juice. It is the only aloe vera juice in India which doesn't contain any artificial preservatives.

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Product Description

Vedanta Aloe vera Juice 500 ml has its properties of providing your body with 200 health promoting compounds including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 viamins. Aloevera Juice is known to help detoxify the body and cleanse the colon.


Live Organic is pure juice from aloevera leaf. Only a small out of citiric acid is added to perserve it which is a natural perservative. It doesn't contain any artificial perservative, color or stablizer. 


�?� Good for digestion

�?� Helps in weight loss

�?� Relieved joint pains

�?� Contains anti oxidant properties

�?� Is a good anti biotic

�?� Good for hair and skin

�?� Reduce chances of cancer

�?� Aids in loweing cholesterol

�?� Helps to ail digestive issues

�?� Improves immunity

How to Consume?

You can drink aloe vera juice as it is. it can also be used in your face pack in the quantity of a tea spoon or so. You can also use it in your hair and gently massage it with it to make hair smooth and shiny.

About The Brand:

Live Organic provides pure products withouth any artificial perservative or adulteration. All the products goes through strignent quality check before it reaches to you. 

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Vedanta Aloe vera Juice 500 ml Vedanta Aloe vera Juice 500 ml
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