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Basic Ayurveda Wheat Grass Meal, 1 Litre

Wheatgrass is a food which is usually prepared by cotyledons of wheat plant. It is usually consumed in the form of juices or powder.

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Product Description

Wheat grass juice is the major source of chlorophyll and is rich in almost all the minerals and also vitamins  A,B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely loaded with proteins and contains 17 amino acids. The chlorophyll that it contains is similar to the pigments that are required to form haemoglobin and hence it is called the green blood. 

Health Benefits

ï‚· Protection against urinary tract functions

ï‚· Healthy heart

ï‚· Detoxing agent

ï‚· Reduces blood pressure

ï‚· Reduces risk of cancer

ï‚· Boosts immunity

ï‚· Good anti-oxidant

ï‚· Aids in digestion

ï‚· Natural healer

ï‚· Can be used highly in treating skin problems

ï‚· Neutralise toxins

ï‚· Purifies liver

ï‚· Aids blood sugar problems

How to Consume?

The juice can be consumed directly or can be used to gargle in case of sore throat. 

About The Brand:

Basic Ayurveda as the name suggests, Basic being fundamental or the foundation and Ayurveda, the knowledge for long life, is a natural based Ayurvedic product manufacturing Indian company whose real focus is upon how to satisfy its customers by providing them the best quality products without adulteration.

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Basic Ayurveda Wheat Grass Meal, 1 Litre Basic Ayurveda Wheat Grass Meal, 1 Litre
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