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Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey 500gm

Litchi Flower Honey

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Product Description

Overview - Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey

Societe Naturelle Lithi Honey is a delicious honey from the natural surroundings of India. It is produced by bees that feed and forage primarily on Litchi blossoms grown in a chemical and pesticide free environment. It gives a refreshing taste of true honey taste with subtlety of litchis


Ingredients - Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey

Honey, Litchi flower


Benefits - Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey

Use of honey has been recommended and advocated since ancient times. It is an instant energizer, natural preservative and moisturizer and according to Ayurveda can prevent osteoporosis in women through regular use. It is delightful addition to any delicacies. It has high nutritional values and is used for many purposes such as in baking products and confectionaries. Litchi adds a distinctive flavor to this honey and complements honey with similar health benefits


How to consume - Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey

You can enjoy your Societe Naturelle Honey with various herbal teas, coffee or other beverages. You can use it to garnish your bread or pancakes. Pour a dash of honey in cereals for breakfast or enjoy with your salad and fruits


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Societe Naturelle Litchi Honey 500gm Societe Naturelle Litchi  Honey 500gm
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