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Goodness Vanilla Pods 2 pcs

Gourmet quality, moist, supple and aromatic Vanilla Pods in their natural form.
Contains 2 pods of 5 gm.

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Product Description

Goodness Vanilla pods bring to you the rich flavour of Vanilla planifolia, vowing to bestow distinctive characteristics to a variety of dishes by Chefs around the world. Goodness Vanilla pods can be used in many tempting dishes.

Each Vanilla bean is hand-selected based on quality. They are then processed and cured. The pod's sweet flavor and velvety after tones work perfectly in a variety of cooking and baking applications, including ice-creams, desserts, pastries, and kheers.


How to split open the Vanilla seedpods?

You can cut open a vanilla pod in half lengthwise, with a small knife. The paste & seeds can be scraped from inside the pod and can be used as such in desserts and savoury dishes.

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Goodness Vanilla Pods 2 pcs Goodness Vanilla Pods 2 pcs
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