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Organic India Neem 60 Caps

Neem is a natural broad spectrum antibiotic of plant origin.

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Product Description

Overview - Organic India Herbal Antibiotic

Neem has been known as an antibiotic and offers significant medicinal value. These 100% natural and organic neem capsules act as a blood cleanser due to their anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities. They are also beneficial in treating health condition of eyes (conjunctivitis) and skin (acne and rosacea)


Ingredients - Organic India Herbal Antibiotic

Neem Leaves, Neem Flowers, Neem Soft Twigs


Benefits - Organic India Herbal Antibiotic

Neem is an essential ingredient in many Ayurvedic remedies. It stimulates the immune system, improves liver function, detoxifies the blood, generally promotes an overall healthy body system. It is famous as a malaria treatment and for diabetes. Pregnant women, or those trying to conceive, or breastfeeding, should not consume neem products because it can have harmful impact on developing child


How to Consume - Organic India Herbal Antibiotic

Two Capsules Twice Daily with Meals


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Organic India Neem 60 Caps Organic India Neem 60 Caps
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