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Organic India Moringa cap

Moringa pills are filled with organic Moringa powder that is prepared by harvesting, drying and then milling the Moringa leaves.

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Product Description


Organic India moringa pills contain Organic Moringa leaf- 350mg. No chemicals added.


   ·   It contains ample times more carotene (raw form of vitamin A) than carrots.

   ·   More calcium than that of milk which can help Athletes, Body builders, Sports persons,Expecting &      lactating mothers and Growing children

   ·   Increase stamina and vitality

   ·  Restores vitamin and mineral imbalances

   ·  Boost energy levels

   ·  Rich source of vitamin C

 How to Consume?

    2 to 4 capsules should be consumed within a day twice after food with water

About The Brand:

To connect the link between mother nature farmer and the users is the main motive of organic India. It works with farmers to cultivate sustainable organic farmland. They provide their products in best organic form possible.

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Organic India Moringa cap Organic India Moringa cap
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