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Organic India Immunity 60 Capsules

Immunity strengthens immune response to viral and bacterial infections, fungi and other microbes. Offers relief from cold, flu and other upper respiratory tract infections. Natural treatment for viral fevers. Useful for immune dysfunction disor

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Product Description

Overview - Organic India Immunity

Organic India immunity capsules are a natural blend of chemical free herbs, which boost your immunity without any chemical induced side effects. These capsules can treat viral fevers and other chronic infections. Their natural ingredients make them safe for long-term use in both children and adults.


Ingredients - Organic India Immunity

Katuki, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi


Benefits - Organic India Immunity

Regular use of these capsules enhances immunity, which is especially helpful in children with recurring viral infections. They provide a safe and effective treatment for chronic and acute infections in diabetic patients. They also help reduce side effects of radiation and chemotherapy with their natural ingredients.


How to Consume - Organic India Immunity

Two Capsules Twice Daily with Meals


About the Brand

Live Organic is a one-stop shop for the best organic and health foods. Started in 2010, they believe in sourcing the best quality chemical free, authenticated, pure organic products for their pan-India customers. 

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Organic India Immunity 60 Capsules Organic India Immunity 60 Capsules
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