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24 Mantra Basmati White Rice 1 Kg

24 Mantra presents the best quality premium Basmati rice, grown organically for daily consumption. Today it is one of the most popular varieties of rice in the western part of the world as well. It is gluten-free and low in fat.

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Product Description

It has low to medium glycemic index, which means the energy is released at a slower, steadier rate leading to a balanced level.


24 Mantra Basmati Rice Premium Polished contains over 366 Calories along with 0 fat in them. It also provides you with good amount of protein and calcium which is required by our body on daily basis. The presence of 0 cholesterol makes it a good food for those who are focusing on a healthy diet. 


24 Mantra Basmati Rice Premium Polished is rich in flavor and aroma, but these are not the only reasons for its acceptance at the global level. Here are some of the nutritional benefits that make the healthy agro products.

·         High Calorific Value

·         Lower in Fat and Gluten

·         Rich Source of Vitamins

·         Contains food amount of fiber 

Who Should Consume?

Those who don’t consume gluten rich cereals and grains due to health issues find basmati rice to be a great alternative. Deficiency of particular Vitamins is not good for the human body. So those who are facing such problem should have 24 Mantra Basmati Rice Premium Polished to add its nutritional benefits to their body. These vitamins keep heart, nervous system and digestive system in good health and are also beneficial for having a healthy skin. 


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24 Mantra Basmati White Rice 1 Kg 24 Mantra Basmati White Rice 1 Kg
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